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PinusVillas is located in the villa zone Yarema, 27 km from the center of Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria. The complex consists of Accommodation facility, Conference facilities, Restaurant and Dining area. Guests can accommodate in four two-storey wooden villas with mountain chalet features. The total capacity of the complex is 16-20 beds. The villas are united in a common hull, but are completely independent through an individual entrance. The main attractions of PinusVillas complex are private under-the-stars JACUZZIs in the backyard of each villa, available in all seasons. They are intended for the individual use of the guests of the respective villa. One of the villas has traditional sauna with a wood-burning stove, suitable for up to 4 people and the other three villas are provided with phyto-barrel for individual treatments. Each of the villas has its own name and distinguishes from the other through layout of the beds. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot and cold drinks at PinusVillas dining area and restaurant just a few steps away from their villa.

Villa "Pinus NIGRA"
Вила Pinus Mugo


PinusVillas has been welcoming guests since August 2017. Our goal is to create a positive and motivating environment for a variety of work events - conferences, trainings, presentations, working days outside the city office and more.


The philosophy of our restaurant is for the guest to enjoy the whole experience - the taste and the place. It is a privilege for us to contribute to your positive mood through good food and excellent service. PinusVillas Restaurant offers an interesting selection of dishes with special attention to barbecue specialties. Guests who prefer vegan and vegetarian cuisine enjoy no less attention with us! The menu adapts to the season.


The Conference Room is located on the second floor in the administrative wing of the complex. The hall is furnished with 30 chairs from the Set Table series.

Very nice place with delicious homemade food and lovely hosts.
Nadezhda Pesheva, BG
Perfect place, beautiful and clean rooms, very kind staff, delicious breakfast!
Benkéné Szendrei Réka, HU
Alles war von A bis Z perfekt!!
Daina, DE
A beautiful place near to the forest, great for a retreat, hiking and time off
Evi Rodemann, DE
Second time on the hotel and I will come again, impressive.
Toni, ES
This is a beautiful place, with so much attention to detail. Comfortable beds, delightful cabins, delicious food, beautiful nature! This is my second time here and I will definitely come again!
Rachel Ruvarac


Check out possibilities to get active while at PinusVillas

Mountain Biking - FREE MTB at PinusVillas

Mountain bike riding is an affordable way to feel and look great - an environmentally friendly outdoor adventure sport. You would like to ride a mountain bike but do not have one? Use our great MTBs for FREE available for PinusVillas guests!


Orienteering is an exciting outdoor activity that challenges you physically and mentally at the same time. PinusVillas is located next to a mapped area used for orienteering competitions and games. We collaborate with qualified coaches and athletes in this sport who are very well familiar with the terrain.

Horseback Riding

There are several horseback riding facilities in the surrounding area. Adgor Equestrian Center is located very close to PinusVillas. There participants of different age, physical fitness and skill level can enjoy different riding programs, such as, RIDING LESSONS, SHORT TRAILS, TRAIL RIDING TOURS.
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  • Seven Rila Lakes - 47 km
  • Sofia Downtown – 27 km
  • Ancient Roman City Serdica – 27 km
  • Sapareva Banya Hot Mineral Water Outdoor Pools – 40 km
  • Fortress “Tsari Mali Grad” – 15 km
  • Belchin Banya Hot Mineral Water Outdoor Pools – 22 km
  • Borovets Ski Resort – 43 km
  • Shopping center “Ring Mall’’ – 20 km
  • Rila monastery – 105 km
About us

PinusVillas Conference Lodge is part of the Holiday Green Club Ltd. PinusVillas welcomes guests since August 2017. Our goal is to create a positive and motivating environment for a variety of work-related activities – conferences, trainings, presentations, working day outside the city office, etc.

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