Check out possibilities to get active while at PinusVillas


There are several horseback riding facilities in the surrounding area. Adgor Equestrian Center is located very close to PinusVillas. There participants of different age, physical fitness and skill level can enjoy different riding programs, such as, RIDING LESSONS, SHORT TRAILS, TRAIL RIDING TOURS.

MOUNTAIN BIKING - FREE MTB ride at PinusVillas

Mountain bike riding is an affordable way to feel and look great - an environmentally friendly outdoor adventure sport. Would you like to ride a mountain bike but do not have one? Rent A Bike from us - FREE of charge for guests of PinusVillas!


Orienteering is an exciting outdoor activity that challenges you physically and mentally at the same time. By definition, orienteering is a competitive sport that combines racing and navigation. However, it could be practiced as a competitive or noncompetitive recreational activity in which participants use a map and compass to navigate between checkpoints along an unfamiliar course. Besides navigation skills, it trains teamwork and communication. PinusVillas is located next to a mapped area used for orienteering competitions and games. We collaborate with qualified coaches and athletes in this sport who are very well familiar with the terrain.

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